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Your tooth enamel enrobes the sensitive soft tissues within each tooth. Its mineral density gives your teeth the durability bite and chew food. If the integrity of your tooth enamel is compromised, it could significantly increase your chances of suffering tooth decay problems.

This could be the result of poor oral hygiene practices or over indulgence of acidic​ foods and beverages. This could also be compounded by a lack of fluoride exposure.

If Dr. Asad Ahsan notices signs of weakened tooth enamel during your regular dental checkup at Vital Dental, he might recommend a fluoride treatment.

Dr. Asad Ahsan administers the treatment by pouring a small amount of concentrated fluoride gel into a tray that is held in your mouth for a few minutes. It’s best to avoid eating or drinking for up to an hour after the treatment. This will allow the fluoride to deeply penetrate deep into your tooth enamel.

If your tooth enamel is showing signs of significant weakness, Dr. Asad Ahsan might also prescribe some form of daily fluoride supplements. This often comes in the form of a special fluoride fortified toothpaste or mouthwash.

If you live in the McKinney, Texas, area and you’re concerned about the strength of your tooth enamel, you should call (972) 347-0945 to schedule a checkup with Dr. Asad Ahsan.