Sooner or later, everyone deals with wisdom teeth. If the time has come for your son or daughter to have a wisdom tooth removal in McKinney, Texas, Dr. Asad Ahsan at Vital Dental will be happy to help. Call (972) 347-0945 today to plan your appointment.

Wisdom teeth are also known as third molars, and usually come in during the late teens or in early adulthood, when a person is supposedly older and wiser! More often than not, there is not sufficient space for your wisdom teeth to properly erupt. This can lead to a misalignment of your bite, damage to other teeth, and an increased chance of tooth decay, infection or inflammation. There is also the danger of damage to the jaw bone and even the formation of cysts. Our dentist will carefully evaluate your situation and will do all he can to make sure that the removal process is comfortable, and that you understand the aftercare instructions you will need to follow in order to make a full recovery. Although there is a great deal of attention surrounding wisdom teeth removal, you should not let that make you feel anxious about getting the treatment you need. Talk to us today and get the real story on wisdom teeth.