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Many people don’t realize it is vital to take care of your dental health when fighting sickness. This can help prevent different dental problems including gum disease and tooth decay. Vital Dental wants to emphasize the importance of caring for your teeth and some tips to help prevent problems.

Dry mouth is a possible risk, which can occur from nasal congestion and result in tooth decay, gum disease, or bacteria growth. Sinus infections can also cause discomfort especially in the upper teeth. Dental care while sick includes some of the following:

– Using nasal spray, a humidifier, or a decongestant will help clear the path in your nose.

– If vomiting, use the method of swishing and spitting afterwards. Do this with either mouthwash, water and 1 teaspoon baking soda mixed together, or of course, water.

– Do not brush your teeth after vomiting as this may spread stomach acid across the teeth.

-Pick out cough drops without sugar. This not only helps prevent tooth decay but will make you salivate more.

– Drinking lots of fluids not only benefits your body but your dry mouth as well. This is very important when taking medications that may cause dry mouth. Sports drink contain a lot of sugar, so limit yourself. Water is the ultimate hydrator.

If your pain is not reduced with over-the-counter medicines, speak to your doctor about using antibiotics. Give Vital Dental a call at (972) 347-0945 to set up a consultation. Our dental professionals in McKinney, Texas, want to provide the very best care for you, your health, and your smile!