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Bad breath is a common issue in the world today. In fact, it’s so common that it can be quite annoying. Sometimes people have a hard time eliminating their bad breath. This is often because there are many causes of bad breath that remain a mystery to many. To help you know these causes, Dr. Asad Ahsan and our dental team are happy to share details.

The first mysterious cause of bad breath is happy hour. Alcohol can give you more than a hangover; in fact, it can severely dry out your mouth, which encourages the bacteria in the mouth to linger and cause issues, especially bad breath. Caffeinated drinks, spicy foods, and cigarettes can cause this problem as well. It’s best to cut these products out of your life if you want a fresher breath.

The second mysterious cause of bad breath is a low-carb diet. When you eliminate carbohydrates from your diet and boost your protein intake, your body naturally burns fat for energy. This process creates compounds called ketones, which are known to cause bad breath. If you want to maintain a pristine breath, it’s best to regularly chew sugar-free gum.

The third mysterious cause of bad breath is the common cold and illnesses like bronchitis. This is because odor-causing bacteria like to feed off mucus and promote bad breath. These sicknesses are also likely to cause bad breath because if you have a stuffy nose, you probably breathe through your mouth, which makes it dry. Dry mouth can definitely promote bad breath. In this case, it’s best to rest and drink plenty of water.

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