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Sports injuries and household accidents that affect the mouth can sometimes cause significant trauma to the soft oral tissues. This can sometimes take precedence over the trauma caused to a single tooth. This is even more likely to be the case if the tooth enamel itself was not noticeably damaged.

If you have experienced a recent oral trauma, or you have noticed a problem with one of your teeth, you need to have it examined as soon as possible by a professionally trained dentist like Dr. Asad Ahsan. After he examines the tooth, take some X-rays, or perform other diagnostics to determine the severity of the problem.

If one of your teeth has been significantly traumatized Dr. Asad Ahsan might recommend performing a root canal. This type of endodontic treatment will excise any traumatized tissues while also rebuilding the internal structure of the tooth. This will provide sufficient structure to anchor an eventual dental crown.

If the damage is severe, or the bone structure of the dental socket has been compromised by the traumatic event he might recommend a total extraction. Once all the soft tissue trauma has fully healed, he can help you choose the dental restoration treatment that’s right for you.

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