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As you might know, there are many things you could do to keep your teeth healthy, but have you ever thought of getting a dental sealant? This treatment could be extremely helpful if you’re interested in protecting your little one’s oral health.

In reality, your pearly whites have a protective layer, often called enamel. Putting sealants on top of your teeth will essentially offer a second layer of protection. However, you may understand that your teeth should already be healthy if you’re interested in getting dental sealants. If you’d like sealants but your mouth isn’t healthy, we might be able to address any problems we notice before your sealant is placed. However, we generally recommend these sealants for a child between the ages of six and twelve.

Of course, after your sealant is placed, you’ll still need to keep up with your oral care. This is very important because sealants are often placed on your molars since they can be more difficult to clean and more likely to contain food particles and bacteria. Still, if you take good care of your sealants, they could last for ten or more years.
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