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Gum disease is essentially the inflammation or infection of the gums tissue that supports your teeth. This is caused by the bacterial plaque attacking the gum tissue, irritating it and breaking it down.

Treatment options vary, depending on how severe the infection or inflammation is. Whether you have the early stage (gingivitis) or the advanced stage of the disease (periodontitis), gum recovery relies on your at-home dental hygiene practice.

Brushing with a fluoride toothpaste twice a day is recommended. Flossing every day cleans away plaque hiding between teeth and around the gumline. Routine dental cleanings are also crucial to get rid of any accumulated tartar (hardened plaque).

If you use tobacco products, you will need to stop, or your gums will not sufficiently heal from the infection. Improving your diet to include healthy levels of vitamins like Vitamin C will also support your gum health in its recovery.

Our dentist team will use scaling and root planing to remove tartar by deep-cleaning. We scrape the tartar off above and below the gum line (scaling) and smooth out the rough spots of the tooth root (root planing) to keep bacteria from sticking. This procedure can be done conventionally or with the help of a laser. If a laser is used, bleeding, swelling, and general discomfort can be diminished.

Medications might be prescribed, such as a topical antiseptic to get rid of microorganisms living on the skin that can lead to infection and the antibiotic penicillin can stop the growth of certain bacteria.

Oral surgery may be used to remove unhealthy gum tissue, such as gingivectomy and gingivoplasty

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